Guess Who’s Back?

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The wing to USA 104 “Cogito,” the spar famously destroyed at the 2010 International C-Class Catamaran Challenge Cup after the start of race one, has been reanimated. Over the past few months Steve Clark and the Cogito Project stitched the old spar back together and outfitted it with all new surfaces using materials from Swedish composite company Oxeon. The wing was detailed and finished at Guck Inc. of Bristol, Rhode Island, and on Tuesday went up for the first time in three years. The design is essentially the same as the one first conceived by Duncan MacLane in 1993, but the wing weighed in at 148 lbs, down from 178 at last weigh in before the 2010 crash. Clark attributes the weight loss primarily the stiffer and lighter TeXtreme composites provided by Oxeon, and a few changes to the geometry that this afforded.

“The wing went up with no real drama,” said Clark on Tuesday. “We will see how it behaves when it’s really loaded up, but most everything worked as expected. We need a little more clearance between the the number two and number three elements but that’s not a big deal. I’m really happy with the lighter weight.”

The Cogito Project plan to enter the Cogito with its remade wing in the 2013 International C-Class Catamaran Challenge Cup. The team has not revealed who will be at the helm.
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